Moving Tips

Moving Tips: The Most Important Moving Tip is to be Organized.

Tip: Create your Possessions List. Make a list of your household goods. Mark every furniture or item that needs packing. If you are going to pack it by yourself write next to the item PBO (Packed by Owner), If you need the moving company to pack or to crate the furniture for you write CP (Carrier Packed).

Tip: You will probably need a lot of Moving Supplies. Most people need a lot of boxes for the packing process. Buy boxes in different sizes depending upon your requirements. You will also need some packing tapes, bubble wrap, packing paper, strong plastic bags, scissors, markers and maybe some blankets.

Tip: Where to Buy Moving Boxes? You can ask moving companies to deliver boxes to you before moving day or you can buy packing materials in stores and On-line.

Tip: Don't make the boxes too heavy or too light. It's very hard to lift a Heavy box but on the other hand a box that is too light will be a waste of a lot of space on the mover truck. Both situations can make the mover angry.

Tip: Packing Start to pack ahead. Don't wait for moving day, packing ahead is going to save you time and money. Keep valuable possessions and important papers with you at all time. Take your time when packing and crating.

Tip: Try to Move on a weekday if it's possible.

Tip: It is better to pack household goods in one designated room.

Tip: Write on each box your full name, content of the box and destination.

Tip: Don't waste your time and money on not-worth moving items.

Tip: Try to enjoy it, you are not moving everyday. Have an Easy and Safe move and we hope that our Moving Tips were helpful.

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